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To enhance and maintain our scaffolding supply and production solutions, we became an official member of the NASC. Learn about the benefits and how the federation can support your scaffolding business.

Since 1945, NASC has been dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of scaffolding across contracting, supply and manufacturing.

That’s why it gives us great pleasure to announce our membership with this prestigious national federation.

Read on to find out what this significant milestone means as the UK’s leading scaffold producer and how it can benefit your business moving forward.

NASC membership - Caspian Group

What does NASC stand for?

NASC stands for National Access & Scaffolding Confederation and is defined as the UK trade body for access and scaffolding. Established in 1945, NASC serves over 400 scaffolding firms, suppliers and manufacturers.

From the largest scaffolding contractors and product suppliers to the tiniest ancillary components and services within the industry, NASC provides the UK scaffolding seal of approval.

Over the decades, the federation has spearheaded improving and maintaining scaffolding safety standards, making health and safety, contractual, technical and product purchasing guidance available to contractors, employees and clients.

NASC is recognised as the HSE industry standard alongside Build UK, CITB, and more.

What is NASC certified?

If you’re a scaffolding contractor, supplier or manufacturer, receiving NASC certification via their membership provides businesses with the highest industry expertise, resources and guidance.

Across operations, supply and manufacturing, the law requires employers to correctly assess the working from height risks involved with scaffolding with precautions for preventing falls and injuries.

For example, to ensure the correct erection, dismantlement and alteration of scaffolding safely, those responsible must follow the NASC Safety Guidance SG4 ‘Preventing falls in scaffolding operations.’

However, you can help ensure health and safety across all aspects of scaffolding with NASC certification.

NASC certification is set across the following memberships:

Each of these NASC scaffolding memberships shares the same main benefits:

Certificate and exposure

Receive an official NASC members certificate, with the inclusion of your company details on the NASC website and inside the annual yearbook.

With this NASC scaffolding accreditation, you’re allowed to use the NASC logo across company literature and advertisements.

Funding access

£300,000 is potentially available to members to help pay for training across various scaffolding levels, alongside mental health first aid and other courses.

NASC audit scheme

Accredited by the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), the NASC audit scheme provides a recognised scheme for occupational health and safety standards within construction.

SSIP helps reduce supplier duplication and demands with multiple certifications to different schemes. This benefit means suppliers can focus on the job while saving time and money.

Toolbox talks access

Receive 73 toolbox talks specific to scaffolding operatives, including safety responsibility, waste management and pollution control.

Recruitment hub

Companies can post career vacancies on the NASC careers website for free as an excellent platform for employers and job seekers in the industry.

Meetings and resources

Members are invited to NASC regional meetings and annual general meetings with access to a circulation of relevant industry papers and insights.

Special offers

NASC members receive special offers across CISRS training schemes and 50% discounts across all hard-copy guidance notes.


As part of the certification, NASC members will get a bounty of resources, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Literature
  • Mail shots
  • One free copy of all NASC guidance (free subscription to TG20 on the NASC ePortal)


Attend NASC and awards alongside participating in the work of NASC standing committees.

Why NASC membership matters to us

Joining the NASC provides Caspian Group Ltd with a wealth of resources, insights and networking opportunities for further growth and development in the industry.

Here are the specific benefits we’re taking from NASC and why it will strengthen our offering to you:

Enhanced Credibility and Trust

NASC membership translates to quality and reliability in the scaffolding industry. It shows our clients and partners that we adhere to excellent safety and operational standards, enhancing our credibility and building trust with stakeholders across the industry.

Access to Industry-Leading Standards

As part of the supplier membership, we have gained access to regular developments and publications of industry standards and best practices. Our certification enables us to contribute while staying informed to ensure all our products and services remain at the forefront of industry development and innovation.

Professional development and training

The range of training programmes and professional development opportunities available with the federation provide us with invaluable resources to help improve our team across the latest insights, technologies and safety protocols.

A commitment to NASC is a commitment to excellence

As the UK’s leading scaffold producer, it’s integral for our reputation and credibility to remain at the frontline of excellence in the industry, with NASC as the ideal partner. With this membership, we can maintain the highest safety, innovation, and client satisfaction standards, strengthening our position in the market while enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional services and solutions.

Embarking on this new chapter, we hope with NASC support, we can continue to drive our growth and success as the UK’s leading scaffold producer. By contributing to the wider NASC community, the benefits we leverage should undoubtedly help us better serve our clients and the scaffolding industry.

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As we embark on this new chapter, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. The synergy between Caspian Group Limited and the NASC will undoubtedly drive our growth and success.

We are eager to contribute to the NASC community and leverage the benefits of our membership to better serve our clients and the industry as a whole.

If you’d like to learn more about our work and commitment to offering first-class scaffolding services, get in touch today.

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