Over 40 years ago, when Bob Tyler decided to branch out into providing scaffolding and access equipment, he knew he had developed a business that was destined to thrive


British ingenuity

Bob's is a true story of British ingenuity and entrepreneurship, his business was soon providing services across the Middle East, whilst building a successful headquarters in the industrial seaport of Grimsby.

With Bob’s success came swift expansion and the business became known as Caspian, in recognition of the sea that many of the countries he supplied to overlooked.

The dissolution of the USSR in 1991 brought further opportunities, with countries such as Kurdistan and Kazakhstan seeking to develop their infrastructures, resulting in business links that remain to this very day.

Caspian’s philosophy of seeking new horizons and opportunities to provide essential services to an industry it knows so well continues to this day. Providing customers with scaffolding boards and scaffolding supplies for both hire and sale across the UK and beyond.

Although still very much involved in the business in 2003 Bob decided to take more of a back seat role within the Company and Neil Garrison was appointed Managing Director of Caspian Access and Plant Hire Ltd.


Continued success

Another important development in the Group’s history was the successful awarding of PEFC Chain of Custody accreditation in 2018, highlighting Caspian’s commitment to environmental responsibility in relation to this new site. Never content to stand still Caspian Group became a member of the Scaffolding Association whose mission statement of striving to continuously improve competence and minimise risk across the industry matches Caspian’s philosophy.

To ensure the smooth running of operations, exceptional service and on time delivery we pride ourselves in providing to our customers, Caspian continues its significant investment in personnel as well as its fleet of vehicles with a forward-thinking philosophy.

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