5 Board Readyfix Transom

Ready Fix Transom

5 Board Readyfix Transom

5 Board ReadyFix Transom an innovative solution for swift and efficient scaffolding.

These transoms, also known as “Double Arms,” offer quick assembly from standard scaffold tubes, available in 3, 4, or 5 board widths. Cutting down on traditional fittings, they save time and money on your project, ensuring faster installation and dismantling. Fully compliant with NASC guidelines and meeting TG20 requirements, these transoms reduce on-site fittings and feature a robust corner joint, potentially allowing ledger bracing omission for significant cost savings on both equipment and labor. Opt for a NASC-approved, TG20:13 compliant product for a streamlined, cost-effective, and efficient scaffolding solution. Get in touch using the contact form below for a quote.

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Technical Specification

NASC Approved: – TG20:13 Compliant Product